Annual Deemed Export Certification Requirements

What is due?

The CAO collects:

  1. Certification Statement
  2. Foreign National List
  3. Controlled Technology Inventory
  4. Facilities List
    List of Facilities assessed for Controlled Technology and Points of Contact at these facilities
  5. List of Facilities not assessed for Controlled Technology
  6. List of Export Licenses applied for and/or obtained
  7. Access control plans must be on file in the CAO’s office and updated, as needed, for every facility specified in the list of assessed facilities (item #4). The Line Office/Corporate Offices (LO/CO) must submit the above seven items to the CAO.
  8. Checklist of Certification Criteria​

The Deputy Assistant Administrator/Corporate Office Director may use the “Facility Certification Statement” for internal reporting purposes. The Facility Certification Statement is not sent to the CAO.