How to Sponsor a Foreign National to a NOAA facility


Required Advance Notification [NAO 207-12 Section 5.08]
Category Advanced Notice Required Exceptions
Foreign Nationals accessing NOAA facilities 3 days or less, or Attending conferences for 5 or fewer days
One Day Prior The clearance process does not apply to the following individuals
Foreign Nationals accessing NOAA facilities more than 3 days including employees under contracts, grants, cooperative agreements
30 days prior
NOTE: In addition, all sponsors of Foreign National Guests (over 4 days) must contact their Controlled Technology Coordinators ( to obtain the Senior Administrative Official Endorsement and follow the steps below.
Required Foreign National Data
Submit data to Department to Commerce Office of Security (OSY)
Full name Sponsoring Bureau
Gender Facility number and location
Date of birth Purpose of Visit
Place of birth Arrival date
Passport Number and Issuing Country Departure date
Citizenship and Country(ies) of Dual Citizenship (if applicable) NOAA Department Sponsor (DSN) Name
Country of Current Residence NOAA Department Sponsor (DSN) Email address

NMFS Employees: Click Here for Foreign National Registration System

Where to send the Required Data
Map of OSY Regional Coverage pdf DOC Western Region Security
DOC Eastern Region Security Office DOC HCHB Servicing Security Office

Required forms to Sponsor a Foreign National Guest

Responsibilities of NOAA Department Sponsors (DSN)

Hosting a Foreign National